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"An extraordinary one-off phenomenon … Arabian Nights is constantly surprising and mutable, hugely entertaining." – Film Comment

Scheherazade's enchanting tales of modern Portugal continue: an elderly criminal becomes a folk hero as he successfully evades hordes of police; a stern judge oversees a case involving 13 stolen cows, mail-order brides, a genie and a machete-wielding human lie detector; a Maltese poodle shuffles between households in a recession-stricken estate, observing the people as she goes.

The second part of Miguel Gomes' docu-fiction trilogy continues to explore modern Portugal from varied and unexpected angles. This middle chapter picked up the coveted Palm Dog award at Cannes, for Maltese poodle Lucky's performance as Dixie.

"For all the film's politics, Arabian Nights can also be whimsical, swooningly romantic, inspiring, fascinating or deeply sad." – The Playlist

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