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"This is cinema that tries to change the world, and strives to evolve the ways in which cinema can be made and watched." – IONcinema

The enigmatic narrator of the trilogy finally takes centre stage. Scheherazade, the daughter of the grand vizier, weaves tales to please the king and stay her own execution. Realising she will soon run out of stories to tell, she hatches a plan to escape the palace. Meanwhile, finch hunters offer a musical analogy for Portugal's 21st-century woes.

The final instalment of Miguel Gomes' epic triptych blends fantasy and reality indistinguishably, bringing to a close his multifaceted critique of modern-day Portugal through the lens of the most evocative of all fairytales. Each volume stands on its own but together they form what The Guardian called "the biggest splash of true innovation in Cannes, and ... an unmissable art event".

"The number of films dealing head-on with the global economic crisis have been shockingly few, leaving the field wide open for someone with the creative complexity and storytelling verve of Miguel Gomes." – Variety

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