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"A remarkably empathetic movie and a sly commentary on class warfare as seen through the legal battle for a mummified foot." – Consequence of Sound

John Wood lost his leg in a plane accident, and decided to keep the appendage in a barbecue grill inside a storage locker. When his payments on the locker lapsed, bargain hunter Shannon Whisnant won the contents in an auction, and refused to give the leg back to Wood. It could be a business opportunity, reasoned Whisnant, who was determined to use the severed leg as a tourist attraction.

This situation was just the jumping-off point for Clay Tweel (co-director of Print the Legend, MIFF 2014) and Bryan Carberry's hilarious and poignant documentary about lonely men, reality television, the media's obsession with oddball stories, and the world's strangest custody battle. An audience hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival, Finders Keepers is a unique, yet universal, tale.

"Starts out as stranger than fiction and then becomes more real than ‘reality', a complex and complicated film that shows us common people in unusual circumstances, a portrait of America as familiar as it is uncanny." – Nonfics