Director Henrik Stockare,Thomas Jackson Charlotte Landelius / 2014 / Sweden

An eclectic group of jet-setting food bloggers travel the world in search of the tastiest haute cuisine.

What compels a person to spend enormous amounts of money and time in pursuit of the world's finest dishes? This revealing documentary chronicles the journeys of five of the internet's most influential restaurant bloggers (Brit Andy Hayler; former model Aiste Miseviciute; Opinionated About Dining's Steve Plotnicki; Perm Paitayawat, aka The Skinny Bib; and Hong Kong's Katie Keiko, from K's Luxe Dining Table), self-appointed food critics from all corners of the world who've devoted their lives to the culinary quest and amassed huge followings as a result.

Brimming with delicious detail, Foodies serves up a banquet of mouth-watering and sometimes strange dishes – from beetle fungus to a meal wrapped in an edible condom – while exploring the idiosyncratic, often hilarious lives of those who prepare and savour them.

"A sleekly appointed chronicle of quirky eccentricity that along the way yields some intriguing insights into 21st-century ways of life." – Hollywood Reporter


The ticket price for this session includes a special culinary experience of a drink and canapé, designed by Peter Rowland Catering; this session cannot be booked on a pass.

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