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"A bittersweet, beautifully textured road movie that plays like a conscious throwback to the lost souls and open highways of 1970s American cinema." – Variety

Gerry is an addicted gambler, a man who can't keep away from the poker table despite the mountains of debt he's accumulated. He meets the charismatic Curtis, who agrees to stake him on a trip to a legendary Mississippi poker game, where they dream of the fortune that awaits them.

Filmmaking team Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (2006's Ryan Gosling drama Half-Nelson) write and direct this gently comedic heir to 1970s Hollywood, bringing to mind Robert Altman's iconic California Split. Ben Mendelsohn is magnetic as Gerry, with Ryan Reynolds his perfect foil in Curtis; Sienna Miller and Alfre Woodard provide noteworthy support.

"Ryan Reynolds may be starting his official Ryanaissance period thanks to his stellar portrayal. But it's Mendelsohn who's the man here ... you leave the movie feeling that we may now have a new greatest-actor-of-his-generation contender." – Rolling Stone