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An Aussie fitness guru tangles with a rich New York schlub and a highly-strung gym instructor in this off-kilter rom-com from the director of Computer Chess.

Following his weird and wonderful Computer Chess (MIFF 2013), Andrew Bujalski returns with an ostensibly more mainstream, though no less eccentric, take on the romantic comedy set in the world of Texan gym trainers.

When a recently divorced New Yorker (Kevin Corrigan) arrives in Austin to shape up with a workout guru (Guy Pearce), a love triangle forms as both compete for tough-as-nails gym trainer (Cobie Smulders). The results are deliriously, unconventionally comedic, with Bujalski retaining the tonal quirks his fans have come to love.

"With this cast, and such a vivid sense of play, Results manages, in its own subtle, unassuming way, to reinvent the rom-com. It's enchanting." – Vulture