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"An exercise in beautifully sustained, building anxiety … Eggers and his team absolutely overwhelm the viewer with twists that are incredibly bold." – Screen Daily

In the mist-shrouded woods of 1630s New England, William and his devoutly puritanical family live in self-imposed isolation, their distance from the community an ascetic offering to God. But when William's infant son Sam vanishes and the crops begin to fail, the family realises that dark forces must be at play – and that perhaps one of their own has become a conduit for the Devil.

A riveting psychological thriller that calls to mind The Shining and The Crucible as much as it does The Exorcist, The Witch is the remarkably assured feature film debut from writer/director Robert Eggers (winner of the Sundance Directing Award: US Dramatic). Meticulously authentic in its period details, its unsettling fog of pulsing audio design, claustrophobic cinematography and careful plotting ensures The Witch is a mesmerising testament to the destructive power of fear that will leave you guessing until the very last minute.