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"Guys can't save us. Only a girl can save a girl."

Wonderful World End is about 17-year-old Shiori, a Gothic-Lolita cosplaying model who twitcasts for her burgeoning legion of fans, and her intense friendship with shy 13-year-old runaway Ayumi.

Directed by Daigo Matsui and originating from music videos he directed for eclectic J-pop star Seiko Oomori (who appears in the film and has described her music as "Disneyland in Hell"), the film follows the girls as they dream of making it big. But most of all, they want to be with each other and not have to contend with an exploitative agent, Shiori's boyfriend and Ayumi's mother, all of whom threaten the girls' friendship.

Bold and bright, with a comic-book sensibility and incorporating a dynamic visual aesthetic to represent social media, Wonderful World End delves into issues concerning female friendship and the commodification of teenage identity, delivering it all in a technicolour kawaii package.

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