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"An atmospheric, fast-paced thriller, which draws on an earlier Italian genre tradition that went missing in action somewhere in the mid 70s." – Screen Daily

A gangster known as "Samurai" wants to turn Rome's waterfront into the Las Vegas of Italy, and everyone seems willing to co-operate: politicians, mob bosses and even the Vatican are all set to profit from this massive venture. But when one corrupt politician makes a fatal mistake, it sends everyone involved in the project into a war fuelled by blackmail, revenge, betrayal and violence.

Suburra is the latest film from rising Italian director Stefano Sollima, known for the crime drama ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards and for adapting the award-winning film Gomorrah (MIFF 2008) for television, often called Italy's answer to The Wire. A throwback to the gritty 1970s crime thrillers, Suburra was co-funded by Netflix, which has hired Sollima to adapt the film into a series (the first Italian series ever produced for Netflix) due in 2017.

"Suburra will command your attention all the way to its bloody and operatic finale." – The Skinny