The Beach Bum

Director Harmony Korine / / USA,France,Switzerland,UK

“A collaboration between Matthew McConaughey and filmmaker Harmony Korine, this portrait of a dissolute poet pissin’ away the days in Margaritaville and Miami is a match made in heaven.” – Rolling Stone

Seven years after Spring Breakers, Korine (Trash Humpers, MIFF 2010) heads back to the beach, re-teams with cinematographer Benoît Debie (Climax, MIFF 2018) and serves up another slice of neon-hued debauchery – trading gun-toting college co-eds for a bongo-playing, bong-smoking free spirit by the name of Moondog (McConaughey, in the role he was clearly born to play).

Also starring Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence and Jimmy Buffett (as himself), The Beach Bum charts the anarchic misadventures of South Florida’s least motivated wordsmith. Moondog is happy hanging out on his boat, living off his wealthy wife (Isla Fisher) and toking away his days, until a combination of rehab, tragedy and plain old reality force him to put his typewriter to work.

“Korine is, above all, an experiential filmmaker, and in The Beach Bum, he’s guaranteeing the audience an unforgettable experience.” – The Atlantic

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