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Goldblum stars opposite his then-wife Geena Davis, and just-starting-out comedians Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans in a deliciously daft sci-fi musical rom-com. A box-office flop, it has since become a cult favourite due to its utterly irrepressible 80sness!

Californian manicurist Valerie has just kicked out her cheating fiancé, and only wants to meet a nice, normal guy. Her dreams are kind-of answered when a spaceship crash-lands right in her swimming pool. Inside are three strange, furry and kind-of horny aliens, who only require a quick makeover to make them look like handsome Earth men! But are Valerie and blue alien Mac really compatible? And what will it mean for their relationship when the world discovers there are aliens living in the Valley?

One of the most popular entries in the genre of science-fiction-musical-romantic-comedies-made-in-the-’80s, this now-beloved cult classic features Jeff Goldblum alongside Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Geena Davis and Julie Brown, who co-wrote the screenplay. Directed by Julien Temple (The Great Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle), and featuring a score by the great Nile Rodgers alongside tracks from The B-52s, Depeche Mode, Hall & Oates, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Stewart Copeland , Earth Girls Are Easy is a work that was hailed by critics the world over as “a film released in 1988”.

“Deliberately, gleefully vacuous entertainment.” – Time Out