Director Emma Macey-Storch / 2021 / Australia

Viewer advice: Contains domestic violence themes

This true story of an acid attack survivor’s fight to alter her daughter’s destiny is an inspiring and heartwarming call-to-action. 

Almost 30 years ago, Geeta Mahor was asleep with her young daughters in their Agra home when her husband, Inderjeet, maliciously threw acid on them. Geeta was badly injured, three-year-old Neetu ended up severely scarred and almost completely blind, and baby Krishna tragically passed away. To this day, Geeta and Neetu are left to grapple with poverty and social ostracism – but they have also joined a burgeoning social justice movement working to end violence against women.

Award-winning director Emma Macey-Storch spent four-and-a-half years in India, working closely with both Geeta and Neetu to document their story. While the resulting film doesn’t shy away from the horrors the women have endured – Inderjeet even fronts up to the camera to be interviewed – its focus is squarely on Geeta’s powerful love for her daughter, Neetu’s journey to a potentially life-changing eye surgery and their shared determination to create lasting societal change.

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