Director Julia Ducournau / 2021 / France

Viewer advice: Contains violence and high-impact themes

Buckle up for the wildest, queerest car-fetish body-horror fable ever to win the Cannes Palme d’Or.

Alexia loves cars – in a David Cronenberg way. She survives a childhood car crash with a titanium plate in her skull, and this jump-starts a process of murderous becoming that takes her from gyrating on a Cadillac bonnet at a motor show to passing herself off as a macho firefighter’s long-missing son. Now in her 30s, Alexia has developed a hunger: for attention, for affection, for answers to her doubts about life, survival, bodies, belonging. Also, she’s pregnant … with the Cadillac’s baby.

Julia Ducournau follows up 2016’s thrilling cannibal coming-of-age story Raw with an even more transgressive film – one whose philosophical and filmic audacity earned it this year’s Palme d’Or. Jaw-droppingly grisly, impishly funny and surprisingly tender, Titane is a stunning, feverishly inventive trip that tests the perverse limits of flesh and family.

“The work of a demented visionary in full command of her wild mind … Ducournau threads the needle between clarity and madness, shock and recognition, throttle and clutch.” – IndieWire

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