Director Tyson Wade Johnston / 2021 / Australia

Co–executive-produced by Ian Thorpe, this sports drama centres on a teenager fighting to stay afloat in the world of competitive swimming – and in his family life.

In this coming-of-age tale, Levi Miller (Red Dog: True Blue, Jasper Jones, Pan) plays Benjamin, a 15-year-old swimming prodigy whose disciplined world collapses in on itself when his long-absent father is released from prison. With buried traumas from his childhood brought back to the surface, catalysing a spate of self-destructive behaviours, will this young athlete’s promising career sink to the watery depths?

In his thought-provoking feature debut, writer/director Tyson Wade Johnston shines a piercing light on teenage masculinity, abandonment and the sometimes-damaging pressures of competitive sports. Based on his own experiences as an adolescent swimmer dealing with a broken family, this compelling film gains additional authenticity from Thorpe’s involvement as swim consultant and in cameo. Brought to life by a cast that includes Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) and Jake Ryan (Savage, Underbelly), a tense, claustrophobic score, and stunning cinematography in and out of the water, Streamline will make you ask what it really takes to make a winner.

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