The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite

The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite

France (2020, dir. Pierre Coré, 89 mins)

Two girls learn about life and acceptance in this Parent Trap–style romp with a time-travel twist.

Lookalikes Marguerite and Margot have a lot in common, including absent fathers, family strife and the dawning challenges of teenagehood. But there’s one big difference: a yawning historical gap of 78 years. In 1942, Marguerite’s father has disappeared in the chaos of WWII; in 2020, Margot’s dad has absconded to live with his girlfriend, with a stepfather now taking his place. But a magic chest lets the two switch eras, and each embarks on a quest to track down the other’s missing père.

Directed by Pierre Coré, whose first feature Sahara was nominated for Best Animated Film at the 2018 César Awards, and featuring a sparkling performance from up-and-comer Lila Gueneau Lefas in the dual lead roles, The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite is an uplifting, laugh-out-loud ode to the power of family bonds – those we inherit, and those we make for ourselves.

“Bring[s] a new twist to the classic time-traveling movies of yesterday. The result is an incredibly fun adventure.” – Ashley & Company

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Language: French, with English subtitles
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Classroom discussion points: Family and loss, generational conflict, history, technological and cultural change, gender expectations and relationships, war, magic and the end of adolescence
Age suitability advice:
MIFF recommends this film as suitable for ages 12+