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Programme 37

A comic allegory about a man who wants to know the secrets of a locker. ... Read more
Inspired by the discovery of the catacombs of Deir el Bahari in 1881, this film describes the final stages of the struggle between officials of the Cairo Department of Antiquities and a proud mountain tribe of Thebes. ... Cairo officials become suspicious when artifacts of the Twenty-first Dynasty ... Read more
That pinnacle of evolutionary achieve­ment, embodiment of the dreams and desires of urban existence, twentieth-century Nordic man, is on floodlit display. He is subjected to a thorough zoological examination— with appropriate sounds. ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
The pretty wife of a surly young farmer who is dedicated to the evils of being a small-time capitalist, travels to the city on a business trip for her husband and plans to stay overnight with her sister. The taxi driver who takes her to her sister's flat befriends her. A sympathy springs up between ... Read more
A charming fantasy about three young people and a sociable magic parasol. ... Read more
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