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Until She Talks (Mary Lampson, 1980)
Judith Ashe is in jail She has not been accused of any crime She has not been tried She has refused to testify before a federal grand jury, and she is in jail until she talks The film reveals the leg… Read more

Untold (Staffan Lam, 2006)
In this exquisitely shot work filmmaker and cinematographer, Steffan Lamm revisits his personal archive of unused footage. Throughout the six ‘episodes' he gently discovers a union and in doing so … Read more

UP FOR GRABS (Curtis Levy, 1983)
Aboriginal resistance to white settlement has continued for almost 200 years. In earlier times guerilla warfare was waged, but failed against the more sophisticated armoury of the ... invaders Austra… Read more

UPSETTER: THE LIFE & MUSIC OF LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY, THE (Ethan Higbee, Adam Bhala Lough, 2008)
“I'd like you to meet a genius.” ... Some people call Lee ‘Scratch' Perry a prophet; others claim he's a madman. Seeing him in the opening scenes of this documentary - spinning in circles in hi… Read more

V1 Tourbillons (Christian Lebrat, )
Lebrat extracts this vortex of rain and water from the Venice canals in real time with contemplative and virtuoso camera moves, concocting a textured dance of digital light. Australian Premiere. -… Read more

Verna Appliance (Jeremy Lines, 1993)
The electrifying tale of Verna and Cosmonaut Sivik. After the shocking death of her lover, Verna is alone. Meanwhile, orbiting in space, Cosmonaut Sivik becomes bacterially infected due to a malfunct… Read more

Vertigo Rush (Johan Lurf, 2007)
From a stand of trees to the end of time, think Michael Snow on crystal meth. Australian Premiere. --- D Johan Lurf WS Six pack Film TD 35mm/2007/19 mins. ... Read more

Very Nice, Very Nice (Arthur Lipsett, 1961)
By turns amusing, intriguing, startling — the film is a view of the world as it might register on the mind of someone young and uncommitted. ... Read more

View of Middleharnis (Charles Van der Linden, 1953)
In February, 1953, the highest tide for 300 years broke through the dykes of South Holland. The island of Goeree Overflakke was one of the worst-hit areas. Immediately plans were made to recover the … Read more

WACKNESS, THE (Jonathan Levine, 2008)
“You don't need medication, you need to get laid.”In the sweltering New York summer of 1994 Luke Shapiro is trying to beat his depression, lose his virginity, and make ends meet by selling weed o… Read more

WAIMATE CONSPIRACY (Stefen Lewis, 2006)
“Very entertaining, often hilarious no-budget mock documentary about a fictional land rights claim.” - NZ Herald The 2005 discovery of a cannonball buried for 138 years in a paddock throws Waima… Read more

Walking (Ryan Larkin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

WANDA (Barbara Loden, 1970)
Wanda is a nowhere person in a nowhere world: one who lets events and circumstances pick her up and carry her along unprotesting, to be deposited at random at whatever bend or turn in the road fate m… Read more

War Story (Peter Lord, 1989)
A stirring comedy about one man's memories of wartime life, revealing the astonishing resilience of ordinary people in the face of Hitler, subsidence and a deaf coalman. Essential Aardman, from the L… Read more

War Story (Peter Lord, )
A stirring story from the second World War. Narrator, Bill, speaks out frankly about the bombing and the plumbing, revealing the astonishing resilience of ordinary people in the face of Hitler, subsi… Read more

Wasn’t it a Lovely Funeral? (Andrew Lack, 1971)
A middle-aged woman talks on the phone about a funeral she attended earlier in the day. If we listen to her carefully, we discover that she is not talking about the funeral at all - she is talking ab… Read more

Waters of Time (Basil Wright, Bill Launder, 1951)
Combines a series of impressions of the Thames from the mouth up to Kingston with a straightforward view of the daily routine of the Port. In the factual passages part of the commentary is spoken by … Read more

wayward cloud, the (Tsai Ming Liang, 2004)
Celebrated auteur Tsai Ming-liang returns to MIFF with his daring [The Wayward Cloud], which won the Fipresci and Silver Bear at Berlin, 2005. Loneliness and disconnection are at the heart of the fil… Read more

WE'RE LIVIN' ON DOG FOOD (Richard Lowenstein, 2009)
This film began life as a ‘making of' and snowballed into a testament to an era. ... Dogs in Space director Richard Lowenstein has gathered a who's who of Melbourne's underground music scene, s… Read more

WELCOME TO BRITAIN (Ben Lewin, 1976)
Half a mile from London's Heathrow airport, a wire enclosed compound holds visitors from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, East Africa and Cyprus, who arrived without an immigration permit. ... Amidst the… Read more

WESTERN UNION (Fritz Lang, 1941)
Synopsis not available Read more

When the Going gets Tough, the Tough go Shopping (John Lowndes, 1987)
Isn't it remarkable that the essence of Melbourne life fits neatly under the floor of a Holden Kingswood? ... Read more

When the Pie was Opened (Len Lye, 1941)
An imaginatively presented recipe for a vegetable pie. Len Lye is famous for his earlier abstract films, "Trade Tattoo" and "Colour Box" produced for the A.P.O. Film Unit. ... Read more

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (Fritz Lang, 1956)
Synopsis not available Read more

A civilization under threat, clinging to tradition. ... In southern Chile, unnoticed by the rest of the world for centuries, a remote community of people exist who call themselves Mapuche-Pehuenche -… Read more

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