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003½ (Richard McCarthy, )
Agent 003V4, a James Bond for the under tens, inspires awe in all those around him by drinking drinks made with "real fruit juices". Inspires all, that is, except "M". ... Read more

1 . . 2 . . 3 . . (Gyula Macskássy, 1965)
Humorous treatment of the develop­ment of numbers and the science of arithmetic. ... Read more

100% WOOL (Tony Mahood, 1986)
The urbane and almost mournful life of a Melbourne busker, Monty, is invaded by his country-cousin Ida. As she learns the rules of the often capricious lifestyle of Monty and his friends, she comes t… Read more

14 Episodes (Murad Mazaev, )
The direct and fragmentary narratives of dead, wounded and fleeing civilians and soldiers powerfully conveys the reality of the Russian Chechen conflict in [14 Episodes]. ... --- ... D/P Murad Mazaev… Read more

2084 (CFDT Groupe Audiovisuel, Chris Marker, 1984)
In ten minutes on Antenne 2 (Paris) on the 29th March 1984 the CFDT (French Democratic Labourer's Confederation) tried to ... imagine where it had come from and where it was heading. ... On the occas… Read more

33 Years After (Karl H. Walloch, Harold Meinke, 1978)
Documentary on the trade with national-socialist products (books, records, medals and decorations) in West Germany in 1978. ... Read more

4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS (Christian Mungiu, 2007)
A multiple award-winner, including the highly prized Palme D'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Set in the Soviet block during the final days of communism, this is a tale of friendship, love and… Read more

60 Second Spot: The Making of a Television Commercial (Harvey Mandlin, 1974)
A record of the production of a big-budget television commercial: a take-off on old Hollywood desert movies. ... Read more

A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME (Errol Morris, 1991)
... ... From Errol Morris, the director of the daz­zling The Thin Blue Line, comes this won­drous and wonder-filled joumey into the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking, the world-famou… Read more

A Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren, 1957)
Made without commentary or dialogue, this film is a simple ballet of a youth and a kitchen chair. The ensuing struggle, first for mastery and then for understanding forms the action of the film. The … Read more

A Chairy Tale (Norman McLaren, 1957)
McLaren used pixillation techniques in this comedic duel between a young boy and a kitchen chair. ... Read more

A COLD SUMMER (Paul Middleditch, 2002)
When Bobby and Tia meet by accident, the last thing they want is a relationship. Bobby is hell-bent on self-destruction and, in Tia, he finds a willing companion.They embark on a brutal and damaging … Read more

A Crime to Fit the Punishment (Stephen Mack, Barbara Moss, 1982)
In 1954 a talented group of Hollywood blacklistees, among them director Herbert Biberman of the Hollywood Ten, Oscar-winning script-writer Michael Wilson and composer Sol Kaplan, made a feature drama… Read more

A Dedication to Lee Choon-Sop (Laurie McDonald, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

A Dreamer #1 (Melanie El Mir, 1995)
In contrast to Peh's film Meianie El Mirs adap­tion of Barbara Baynton's thunderously symbol­ist and psychologically dramatic story 1907 story adopts a narrative form but it is in her very pa… Read more

A GLASS OF BEER (Felix Mariassy, 1956)
Felix Mariassy, whose first film Springtime in Budapest painted a grim picture of a war-torn city, here creates a charming and vivacious love story. Scripted by his wife Judith, the film describes ho… Read more

A Hole in the Ground (B. McNaughton, 1963)
A pictorial and sound experiment to depict a mine disaster. Australian Film Awards, Open Section, Silver Award "for well contrived evocation of a tragedy in the gold mining days". Kodak Bronze Medall… Read more

Brendan Behan's life can be divided into 3 parts his youthful years in an English jail for his activities on hehalf of the I.R.A., his writing, drawn largely from his experiences as a prisoner, and h… Read more

A KINGDOM FOR A HOUSE (Tilt Film, Meatball, 1980)
One of the most graphic documentaries ever filmed, this records the efforts of squatters to draw attention to the chronic shortage of housing in Holland. The coronation of Queen Beatrix was used as t… Read more

A MOMENT OF INNOCENCE (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1996)
The lyrical and spare storytelling that Makhmalbaf applied in Gabbeh (MIFF 1996) is utilised again to tell another personal story, this time it is the director's own, told from two differ­ent poi… Read more

A Phantasy (Norman McLaren, 1952)
A surrealistic abstract with an unusual sound track consisting of synthetic sound in conjunction with music for saxophone. ... Read more

A Pride of Islands (Oscar Marzaroli, 1973)
A tourist promotion film centring on the Hebrides, Skye, Orkney and Shetland, showing not only the scenery, but the people who live there and the work they do. ... Read more

A ROOM FOR ROMEO BRASS (Shane Meadows, 1999)
Shane Meadows (Small Time & Where's the Money Ronnie, both MIFF 1997) once again proves himself one of Britain's most intriguing visual poets with this thoroughly engaging movie about English childho… Read more

A Slice of Life on the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1991)
Seven types of days make a certain type of week. Take a good look at what you have on your plate; the forces of habit can expose all sorts of surprises. ... Read more

A Slice of Life or the Crumbs of Existence (Janet Merewether, 1994)
A winged knife slices bread. This recurrent metaphor sets the film's context by juxtaposing the surreal with the mundane. While exploring notions such as romance and memory, the film's black and whit… Read more

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