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Films Screened In 1963

PARIS BELONGS TO US (Jacques Rivette, 1960)
The writer, Charles Peguy, once reflected that Paris belongs to those who spend the summer there preparing for the winter season. In the heat of August, and in an empty Paris, Rivette documents the m… Read more

Passion (Jirí Trnka, 1962)
A modern ballad of a passionate motorist. The hero of Jiri Trnka's puppet film was born with a craze for speed; this motif is recorded in six variations. ... Read more

Piping Hot (John Halas, 1960)
An illustrated discourse on bathing through the ages. Inventive design and a deadpan commentary add to the enjoyment. ... Read more

Purple Turtle (Stelios Roccos, 1962)
A fresh, impromptu, and charming study of children applying paint and crayon. The unrehearsed result disarmingly conveys the stimulation of art on the young mind. ... Read more

Quake and Quiver (Arjun Jairamdas, 1963)
A film on the science of seismology. We see what benefits have resulted from a study of the record of movements that occur under the surface of the earth. ... Read more

Rare Gases (Rolf Orthel, 1962)
The film reviews the discovery of rare gases and their application in the modern world. ... Read more

Rivers of Time (William Novik, 1957)
The film impressively traces the rise and fall of the dynasties which inhabited the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, from the Sumerian epoch, through the later expansion of Arabic culture in the a… Read more

Runner (Donald Owen, 1962)
At the age when most North American boys have their eyes on cars, there are a few whose ideal is fleetness of foot. Such is one eighteen-year-old Bruce Kidd, seen in this film. The point of view is a… Read more

Safar (Md. Zain Hussain, 1962)
A colourful account fo a Malayan village feast. ... Read more

Saguenay (Chris Chapman, 1962)
Following the course of the Saguenay River in eastern Quebec from its source, the camera catches the mood and beauty of the river as it builds towards a savage thrust against the dams which divert it… Read more

Secret of a Painting (Petre Sirin, 1961)
Paintings in museums often bear no signature. This film demonstrates how experts, relying on costume, architecture and hosts of other clues, establish the period in which a painting was painted; then… Read more

Ski Cocktail (A. W. Owesen, 1959)
Everybody, but everybody enjoys skiing in Norway. ... Read more

STRANGERS IN THE CITY (Rick Carrier, 1962)
This initial feature film by independent Rick Carrier is about the disintergration of a Puerto Rican family whilst attempting to adjust themselves to hostile tenement life. Recently arrived in the Un… Read more

Sugar and Fiji (G. Collings, 1961)
The film shows the place of the sugar industry in the economy of Fiji, and gives a glimpse of the life of the people who make up the industry. Australian Film Awards, Public Relations Sector, Silver … Read more

SUN AND SHADOW (Rangel Vylchanov, 1962)
A Bulgarian boy, and a girl from some western country, chance to meet on a Black Sea beach; they talk, and fall in love. A series of simple themes is used to reveal their character, highlight their f… Read more

Sunday (Dan Drasin, 1961)
In the spring of 1961, authorities forbade folk singers the use of Washington Square which, hitherto, had been the centre of their gatherings. On Sunday, April 9th, 1961, about 100 folk singers march… Read more

Sunday on the River (Gordon Hitchens, Ken Resnick, 1962)
A lyrical, socially meaningful statement about Negroes in New York City - an informal survey of the Harlem way of life. Bronze Medal, Venice Film Festival. ... Read more

Symphony in Glass (V. Laihanen, 1961)
An interestingly conceived little film showing the work of Finnish designers, who look for inspiration in nature for the original forms which they adapt for their designs in glass. ... Read more

Téte de Moineau (Carlo Lombardini, 1961)
In a small street in Paris, a bootmaker finds a fallen fledgling - so begins a tale of a swallow's affection for its young. ... Read more

THE AEGEAN TRAGEDY (Basil N. Maros, 1962)
For many years prior to the Second World War, the Balkans was a hotbed of intrigue, revolution and counter-revolution. The sudden deaths of eminent statesmen were commonplace and dictatorships succee… Read more

The Assignation (Curtis Harrington, 1960)
A personal tribute ot the beauty and mystery of Venice, the film is intended to be the visual equivalent of a short lyrical poem. The theme involves the meeting of Death and the Maiden. Edgar Allan P… Read more

The Critic (Ernest Pintoff, 1963)
A satirical comment on audience reaction to art films. ... Read more

The Cross Country Runner (Mark McCarty, 1962)
An allegorical satire, showing the adventures of a group of contestants in a cross-country race. ... Read more

The Ever Changing Motor Car (George Dunning, Alan Ball, 1962)
Imaginative animation is used in this cartoon, which forms a mock-serious study of the changes in design and colour of the motor car. The reasons for the changes are investigated and we are left happ… Read more

The Four Seasons (Niklaus Gessner, 1961)
Based on the music "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the film tells, without words and following the rhythm and feeling of the music, the story of the four seasons. ... Read more

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