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Films Screened In 1963

THEY FOUND A CAVE (A. Steane, 1962)
Adapted from the best-selling novel by Nan Chauncy and filmed on location in the Tasmanian Highlands, They Found a Cave, although primarily a children's story, has appeal for adult audiences. The sto… Read more

Third Sam (Kenneth Fairbairn, 1962)
Stanley Holloway tells a cautionary tale about the three sides of an engine driver's character when his electric locomotive fails. ... Read more

THREE TIMES ANNA (David Jose Kohon, 1962)
Maria Vaner plays three different types of girl, all called Anna, whose point in common is their failure and disillusionment in love. In the first study, called The Earth, an innocent young girl's fi… Read more

Through the Ice to Finland (Valentin Vaala, 1962)
This beautifully photographed film shows how communications over the frozen sea are kept open by ice-breakers operating throughout the long Finnish winter. ... Read more

Two Baroque Churches in Germany (Charles Eames, Ray Eames, 1957)
Two baroque churches flash past in a blinding and colourful array of cherubs, altars, cornices, statues, ceilings, all ornamented in the fashion dear to baroque. ... Read more

Vincent Van Gogh: A Self Portrait (Ray Garner, 1961)
This feature length film, in colour, traces the life of the artist from his birthplace in Zundert, Holland, to Auvers in France, where he died. The "self portrait" title is derived from the fact that… Read more

WAR HUNT (Denis Sanders, 1962)
War Hunt is about a war-lover, a man for whom war is not hell, but home. It is set in the bleak, blasted terrain of Korea, a few months prior to the cease-fire. As one of the soldiers remarks, "Its a… Read more

Who Can Hold the Longest? (Judith Vass, 1962)
In a playground two boys, both standing on one leg, compete - who can survive the longest? Award: Diploma of Merit, Mannheim Festival ... Read more

Wire for Sound (Paul Cohen, 1962)
A film, on the manufacture of a telecommunications cable, which has been designed as a aesthetic experience - colour, motion and inherent continuity speak for themselves. Award: First Prize, New York… Read more

Wisp (Max Katz, 1962)
The story of a boy and girl who meet at a party is told partly through symbolic interpretation of the objects of the immediate concern. ... Read more

With Gentle Majesty (W. Fitzwater, 1962)
The film recalls the hey-day of hte working horse at the turn of the century, and reflects on the decreasing number used today. The title is from Shakespeare's lines: "Sometimes he trots, as if he to… Read more

YOJIMBO (Akira Kurosawa, 1961)
In the middle of the 19th century, at Namome, on a highway north of Edo, crime is rife. Sanjuro, a wandering Samurai, arrives to find the village decimated by some long lasting feud. Hansuke, a petty… Read more

Zoo (Bert Haanstra, 1962)
Bert Haanstra's latest film is joy to watch. A visit to the zoo is made an opportunity for cross-cutting: we switch from animals to humans, from striped dresses to zebras, and we wonder who is lookin… Read more

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