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Films Screened In 1986

Dead On My Arm (Cassandra Stark, )
Nobody liked it I may have gotten ahead of myself in the attempt to create cinema for the subconscious I think that if I could have induced a hypnotic state on the viewers, they could then have under… Read more

Death Valley Days (Gorilla Tapes, )
Synopsis not available Read more

Death Valley Days (Gorilla Tapes, )
Synopsis not available Read more

A morality comedy which looks at an old theme from a new angle. Faun, an ageing libertine with a stylistic flair for seducing young girls. is at heart. just a man terrified of old age and death. ... … Read more

DESERT BLOOM (Eugene Corr, 1986)
Set in Las Vegas in 1950 where an A-Bomb test is planned. Jack, a World War Two veteran, runs a gas station with his wife Lily and his three stepdaughters. The family is visited by Lily's sister, Sta… Read more

DETECTIVE (Jean-Luc Godard, 1985)
Godard's plot involves four groups of people, or "families", whose paths intersect in the lobbies, dining rooms and bedrooms of the Hotel Concorde in Paris. A hotel detective. and his manic assistant… Read more

Double Lunar Dogs (Joan Jonas, 1984)
Science fiction texts and advanced visual technology create an abstract ... narrative of forgotten past and uncertain future. Travelling on spacecraft ... video somewhere between origin and destinati… Read more

Double Lunar Dogs (Kit Fitzgerald, 1983)
A romantic landscape dressed full of love forms the context of this ... pastorale. Minimal Interventions in the image Intensify the character of this landlife. ... Read more

Double Time (Jill Scott, 1985)
A woman water-bearer is saved from her task by two mythological women from another planet's moon and she disappears with them into space. ... Read more

Downside Up (Tony Hill, 1984)
With simple camera movements, the film explores and reviews some relationships to the ground, literally upsetting earth stability. The viewpoint continuously orbits places, objects. people and events… Read more

Drawing Conclusions - The Science Mix (Steve Hawley, Tony Steyger, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Edge of Nowhere (The Marine Biologists, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

EGON SCHIELE (Herbert Vesely, 1985)
The Austrian painter Egon Schiele entered the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in 1906 aged 16. Coming into contact with the avant-garde he exhibited at the second Kunstclmu of 1909. Schiele met Gustav Kl… Read more

Either/Or in Chinatown (Gabor Body, 1985)
The question of seduction (Kierkegaard) is combined with the theory of cosmetics (Gabor Body] and the old Chinese philosophy of the rainbow death. ... Read more

Elephantrio (Paul Driessen, Graeme Ross, John Weldon, 1986)
Three earthlings embark on the journey of life, soul firmly in hand. Dangers moral and physical strew their way. An animation film about love, rejection, greed, endurance, honour and ignominy. ... Read more

EVENING DRESS (Bertrand Blier, 1986)
The surprise of this year's Cannes festival, TENUE DE SOIREE (EVENING DRESS) marks a much-awaited return of veteran ... writer/director Bertrand Blier. ... It is a black comedy in which Gerard Depard… Read more

Everything's Just Fine (Herbert Wentscher, )
Singing about the modern world and playing on a Casio rhythmbox whilst shifting images from the Fillies arc combined with moving electronic wipes. ... Read more

Everything's Just Fine (Herbert Wentscher, )
Through the combination of photographs taken from the Fifties and the movement of computer wipes, the images in this video song lead a life of their own. ... Read more

EXTRAMUROS (Miguel Picazo, 1985)
Miguel Picazo. best known for his 1964 neo-realist classic, AUNT TULA, returns to the international limelight with his latest feature, set in a Spanish convent during the inquisition. ... It is a sto… Read more

FACES IN A FAMINE (Robert Lieberman, 1985)
Filmed at the height of Ethiopia's disastrous drought FACES presents the people always present at such events — television producers, nurses and doctors, relief workers, priests and disaster gr… Read more

Factory (Anne Carter, David Chesworth, 1984)
This tape does not try to portray the dehumanising aspects of factory ... work Rather the activities unfold as some kind of ritual performance in the courtyard of the habitual monarchs — Order … Read more

Fifty-Fifty (Carole Sklan, 1986)
Flashing back and forth between the Fifties and the Eighties. the film explores with wit and panache the political and social connections between the two eras, converting a potential nostalgia trip i… Read more

Fire (Dara Birnbaum, 1983)
With the proliferation of drive-ins and drlve-thrus, the American car ... culture has reshaped our notions of consumption. Human relations are ... also consumed as quickly as possible. ... Read more

Fire Demon (Werner Klett, 1986)
A parable without dialogue summed up by the final title. "Cineasts are people who rob themselves of the present and others of a future." ... Read more

First Footage (Pierre-Oscar Levy, 1984)
As a result of assiduous research, Levy has uncovered footage from the first films of the masters of documentary: (oris Ivens Olga Alexandrova Vertova, lean Rouch Frederick Wiseman and Nagisa Oshima … Read more

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