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Films Screened In 1986

First Mate (Jane Karslake, 1985)
Clarrie and Lex are mutually supportive old mates. However. the onset of senility threatens and finally destroys their independence Good performances and sensitive portrayal of problems of aged men. ... Read more

Fish From Holland (Servaas, 1985)
The movement of the image is coupled with the alluring trailer sound from Jaws 2 ... . ... Read more

Five Fingers for El Pueblo (Bruce Krebs, Mireille Boucard, 1985)
Animated charcoal drawings tell the story of the last moments in the life of a Chilean singer. A film full of hope. ... Read more

Flugsand (Hanno Baethe, 1985)
Abstract transparent photo-images of sand and multi-coloured mica inserts, set to the rhythm of minimal music. ... Read more

For a Woman (Carol Salter, 1982)
Synopsis not available Read more

Fortunate Son (Harry Killas, 1985)
A draft dodger living in Montreal during the Vietnam War secretly returns to Brooklyn New York, to visit his dying mother in hospital Briefly visiting his home, he spends an uncomfortable evening wit… Read more

Girl is a Gun (Apres Luc Moullet) (Rolando Caputo, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Glimpses of Old Calcutta (Swapan Sahan, 1985)
A documentary which lovingly portrays the lost architectural glories of old Calcutta tracing their links with the historical and social evolution of the city. It ends with an appeal for the preservat… Read more

Go For It, Mike (Michael Smith, 1984)
A parody of a video clip. Mike, stylishly dressed and dapper, moves ... quasl-nonchalantly like a star through a wild west environment. As a Malboro cowboy, Mike ridicules the seamless soulless video… Read more

GONE TO EARTH (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1950)
Hazel Woodus a Shropshire primitive living with her wild father (a harpist and coffin maker) at the end of the last century is more devoted to her pet fox than she is to human society. She is pursued… Read more

GONZA THE SPEARMAN (Masahiro Shinoda, 1985)
Shinoda's second adaptation of an 18th century puppet play by Chikamatsu is very different from the earlier DOUBLE SUICIDE (1969) — more realistic, less flamboyant, less experimental in that th… Read more

Graffiti (Matthew Patrick, 1984)
In a Latin American city under strict military control, a young ... man obsessed with sketching graffiti plays cat-and-mouse with the authorities. When he discovers he has a kindred spirit, he sets o… Read more

Gravity (Ferenc Rofusz, 1983)
Desperately, a vigorous apple tries to disengage itself from the branch. The apples around it have shrivelled and dried up long ago. but perhaps they are also wiser. ... Ferenc Rofusz has been workin… Read more

Grey Moments (Grey Organisation, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

Harold of Orange (Richard Weise, 1984)
A satiric comedy which explores the symbiotic relationship between Native Americans and philanthropic foundations. The screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Native American tribes to dis… Read more

HARVEST OF DESPAIR (Slavko Nowytski, 1984)
It is called the forgotten holocaust — a time when Stalin was dumping tons of wheat on Western markets, while in the Ukraine men. women and children were dying of starvation at the rate of 25,0… Read more

Helden (Heroes) (Claus Boegel, 1979)
Boegel parodies the hero by imitating Bowie. His appearance evokes the image of the pop star which he clearly is not. A woman's fate is ... projected behind him. As the number progresses, more and mo… Read more

Here (Malcolm Ellis, 1981)
Synopsis not available Read more

Hollywood Ten, Melbourne One (Daryl Dellora, 1985)
The death of a communist author, shot dead In his hotel room, begins a playful probe into the world of literature and politics, where fact and fiction teasingly merge. ... Read more

HOME OF THE BRAVE (Laurie Anderson, 1986)
Laurie Anderson, a performance artist who has achieved the task of "crossing over" to a larger audience, has now made her first feature film. Photographed around New York and in front of a live audie… Read more

HOME OF THE BRAVE (Helena Solberg-Ladd, 1984)
Documentary exploring contemporary problems facing Indians of North and South America. The effects of modernisation on an ancient culture are documented exclusively through the eyes of Indians themse… Read more

Homunculus (Vaclav Megl, 1984)
Through the use of animated relief and puppets, questions to do with human creation and creativity are vividly suggested. The story of medieval alchemist Homunculus. who created a "man", is developed… Read more

HOW YOUNG WE WERE THEN (Mikhail Belikov, 1985)
American Fifties nostalgia has reached saturation point. HOW YOUNG WE WERE THEN is a welcome change of perspective: the fifties Russian style ... Here, drainpipe pants and American dance music is unc… Read more

I'll Be Here For All Time (Sheila Owen-Jones, Deirdre Beddoe, 1985)
The film traces a tradition of Welsh women's protest, and by doing so. helps explain the contemporary Greenham Common Peace Camp. Made by women about women, this documentary supplies a new historical… Read more

I'm Only There . . . (When I Can't Get Away) (A. Dean Bell, 1984)
Seventeen-year-old Stephen Shem, diagnosed as suffering from existential neurosis', looks at life through a pair of binoculars. This is a brilliantly black comic treatment of suburban teenage malaise. Read more

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