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Films Screened In 1986

Celebrate (Joanne Lane, 1986)
The Ouantet Video Paintbox with Mirage effects and 3D animation meets ... the filmic dose-up. ... Read more

Chameleon/Cameleon (Stefan Anastasiu, 1984)
Animated allegory about fear — the fear to take a stand. A man hoists himself up a tree, squats on a branch and watches the world go by. Occasionally he is tempted to climb down and join the di… Read more

Change of Place (Kathy Smith, 1985)
Kathy Smith animates her own drawings and paintings to ... construct personal journey into her memory and back to the earth. ... Read more

Chicken Kitchen (Vincent Hachet, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Children at War (Kjersti Alver, 1985)
Following an introductory sequence showing children from different countries playing war games, we are shown stills of children in real wars. The film focuses on the war experiences of three children… Read more

CHILE: HASTA CUANDO? (David Bradbury, 1986)
An account of current political unrest in Chile. 12 years after murder of Allende and installation of military dictatorship under General Pinochet. David Bradbury's most powerful film up to date, not… Read more

CHURCH OF LIBERATION (Silvio Da-Rin, 1985)
The film moves from a sparsely populated region of the Amazon to the urban centres of Sao Paulo and Rio and traces church activism, ranging from efforts of individuals to improve agricultural conditi… Read more

Circus Logic (John Maybury, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

CITY OF PIRATES (Raul Ruiz, 1983)
La Ville Les Pirates stunned the Venice Film Festival with its breathtaking imagery and bloodthirsty relationship between a murderous child and the woman who may be his mother. Between Anne Alvaro, a… Read more

CLASS RELATIONS (Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, 1984)
A surprise for Straub/Huillet devotees. Whilst maintaining their concern with a formal approach to the medium. complemented with the minimalist beauty that often results from such a discipline, their… Read more

Club Video (Philip Brophy, 1986)
A dual monitor Installation designed to steal the show. ... Read more

Contract With Debt (Tony Wright, 1986)
A highly stylised production featuring Krystal and Amanda in their travels through contemporary consumer culture. The visual look graphic design and the narrative pitch all combine to construct a vid… Read more

Filmed at the Bob Marley Performing Centre near Montego Bay, Jamaica in l983, Robert Mugge's film encapsulates many ... highlights from the annual Sunsplash Festival. The I3 acts include Rita Marley.… Read more

Corduroy (Gary Templeton, 1984)
The film follows the adventures of a stuffed teddy bear called Corduroy who waits to be selected from the shelves of a department store. Lest he be mistaken for used property, he embarks on a quest t… Read more

Cosmic Sperm (Kees de Groot, Frank Morssinkhof, 1986)
Swirling shapes in the sea of tranquility. ... Read more

COUNTDOWN (Pal Erdoss, 1985)
Gritty, black and white photography, contribute to the documentary feel of this contemporary drama. This is a tense ... political tale about the problems being caused by the encroachment of private e… Read more

Coupe De Monde (Geoffrey Shea, 1982)
Part One in a series on sporting figures. ... Read more

Covenant in Exile (Barry Assinder, 1983)
Synopsis not available Read more

Crossing the Line (Karen Jane Borger, 1985)
First 16mm film by graduate of Sydney College of the Arts. The co-existence of past and present in an old lady's life is recreated through fine manipulation of photographic language. ... Read more

Curious George goes to the Zoo (John Matthews, 1984)
Based on the book Curious George by Margaret and H.A. Ray, this fully animated puppet play tells the story of adventurous George and his journey from the jungle to the city. George is an irrepressibl… Read more

Curtain (John Scarlett-Davis, 1974)
Synopsis not available Read more

Cutout Animation (David Johnson, 1984)
Modern parable, sci-fi adventure and visual spectacle. ... Read more

Danse des Cygnets (Laraine Porter, 1984)
Synopsis not available Read more

DAX'S CASE (Donald Pasquella, 1985)
A disturbing documentary which forces us to confront the issue of euthanasia unsentimentally. It examines the case of Dax Cowart. badly burned, blinded and disfigured by an explosion whose reasoned a… Read more

De Occulta Philosophia (Gabor Body, 1984)
A journey into the occult world of the 16th century via the computerised editing and synthesizer technologies of the 1980s. ... Read more

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