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Films Screened In 2002

DELBARAN (Abolfazl Jalili, 2001)
Opening this year's Rotterdam International Film Festival, acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abolfazl Jalili's latest film (supported through the Hubert Bals Fund for innovative talent in developing countr… Read more

DERRIDA (Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering Kofman, 2002)
"A philosophical experiment in portraiture, Derrida avoids becoming a deconstrurtion primer, instead positioning itself as a demonstration of the French thinker's theories. In a series of interviews,… Read more

Desperate Deeds (Antonio Barlin, 2002)
Times are tough for Georg and his son's glass business. It seems there just isn't enough crime to keep their business afloat. Desperate Deeds is a stylish and evocative film that reveals a darkly com… Read more

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND (Lucy Walker, 2002)
With the common view of the Amish community formed by films such as Peter Weir's Witness - bonnets, buggies and beards - the idea of drunken, speed dealing Amish biker hitmen comes as somewhat of a s… Read more

Diagonal (William Raban, 1973)
Synopsis not available Read more

DIRT (Michael Covert, Trace Fraim, 2001)
Distraught West Texan dimwits Junior and Scooter have just buried their dead mother, wrapped in a sleeping bag. Grown men who make Forrest Gump look like Einstein, the boys hatch an idiotic plan to f… Read more

Dirty (Stephen Dwoskin, 1967)
Synopsis not available Read more

DIVINE INTERVENTION (Elia Suleiman, 2002)
Collecting both the Jury Prize and FIPRESCI awards at Cannes this year, Elia Suleiman's Divine Intervention offers a singular view of Palestinian communities fraying at the edges - conveyed with a Ja… Read more

Do Armed Robbers Have Love Affairs? (Brian Kirk, 2001)
Two armed robbers sit waiting in a car opposite the bank for dawn to approach. Lost in snatches of fond memory and chilling moments of recollection, each one is instinctively aware of what is to come… Read more

DOG DAYS (Ulrich Seidl, 2001)
On a sweltering hot summer day, the 'dog days' settle on an affluent Vienna suburb. Behind the sterile exteriors, outer garments and inhibitions are cast off as six characters lose their cool. Former… Read more

Dog Door (The Brothers Quay, 2001)
Synopsis not available Read more

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (Frederick Wiseman, 2001)
"The world of reality television wouldn't exist without Frederick Wiseman's lingering examinations of fragments of society. And those who've grown up watching such programs should look at this film t… Read more

Don’t Have, Don’t Give (David Turner, 2002)
A writer returns to his hometown in the Polish rust belt, rekindling an old sibling rivalry. No one is what they seem in this beautifully observed study of the tension between personal freedom and fa… Read more

Donkey Town (Sam Morrison, 2001)
A wry tale of adolescent angst in provincial Britain. Thirteen-year-old Tom's preference for spending time in his bedroom prompts his parents to guide him through the pitfalls of teenage life whilst … Read more

DONNIE DARKO (Richard Kelly, 2001)
"Part comic book, part case study, this is certainly the most original and venturesome American independent of the past year." - Village Voice ... Donnie Darko takes its vernacular from 80s pop cultu… Read more

Down to the Bone (Rene Castillo, 2001)
This twisted, superbly animated tale takes us on a journey to a very unconventional afterlife, populated by unruly skeletons with a penchant for boozing and big number stage shows. ... Read more

DRAGONFLIES (Marius Holst, 2001)
Eddie and Maria have met at a time in their lives when they're both keen to start life afresh, eager to leave their respective pasts behind. But the past has a way of emerging unexpectedly. One day E… Read more

Dramolet (The Brothers Quay, 1988)
Synopsis not available Read more

Dream Work (Peter Tscherkassky, 2001)
Taking its structure from the time it takes to undergo the deepest sleep, Dream Work pays tribute to both the X-ray experiments of Man Ray and the deeper insights of Freudian psychology with a compel… Read more

Dresden Dynamo (Lis Rhodes, 1971)
Synopsis not available Read more

Duet (The Brothers Quay, 2000)
Synopsis not available Read more

Eve of Adha (Leonard Yip, 2001)
Wahid's life in Australia is formed by the rhythm and ritual of his faith. By chance he makes a connection to Eve, a young woman enmeshed in a violent relationship. The brutal reality of the outside … Read more

"Every bit as odd and intriguing as its title, Every Day God Kisses Us on the Mouth is a dark parable about a butcher driven by conflicting urges to love and kill, who in his blackest hour is unexpec… Read more

Everyday Something (Carol Morley, 2001)
A woman who can't stop jogging, a man obsessed with Claudia Schiffer and a washing machine repairman taken hostage - welcome to some strange glimpses into everyday life. ... Read more

FAUSTO 5.0 (Isidro Ortiz, Álex Ollé, Carlos Padrissa, 2001)
Fausto 5.0 left an indelible mark on audiences at Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. Set in a part sci-fi Barcelona - street signs appear in foreign languages and visual elements of the past meld with… Read more

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