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archival and spy feature footage to narrate the exceptional career of a man who was born to lie.</p> (, 2004)
Synopsis not available Read more

At The Quinte Hotel (Bruce Alcock, )
Based on Al Purdy's 1968 poem, this vibrant, kinetic riff has the poet waxing lyrical about beer and blooms in a small-town basement tavern. ... --- ... D Bruce Alcock P Tina Ovellette WS Global Mech… Read more

Back to Life (Samantha Reynolds, )
This blackly comic look at taxidermy leads us to think about our own relationships with our families, our pets and death. --- D/S Samantha Reynolds P Nora Donaghy WS Nora Donaghy TD video/col/ 2005/… Read more

Badgered (Sharon Colman, )
The funny and wonderfully animated Badgered tells the tale of a badger who just wants to be left alone to sleep! --- D/S Sharon Colman P Jamie Wolpert WS National Film & Television School TD video/co… Read more

bahman ghobadi recommends (, )
Proposed by Bahman Ghobadi for MIFF 05, this programme is an eclectic selection of short films from one of the least-known filmmaking cultures in the world. Diverse and stylistically adventurous, the… Read more

BALLETS RUSSES (Dayna Goldfine, Dan Geller, 2005)
The dancers of the Ballets Russes were Russians who never performed in their homeland. Ballets Russes is a tribute to those remarkable individuals and the revolutionary dance company - more accuratel… Read more

Banker, The (Hattie Dalton, )
A quirky scientist in a sperm bank is in love with the nurse at the fertility clinic, but she doesn't even know he exists. In this tale of unrequited love, he takes some crazy steps just to prove his… Read more

BASED ON A TRUE STORY (Walter Stokman, 2004)
On a hot August afternoon in 1972, John Wojtowicz rushed into a Brooklyn bank, demanding money in a desperate effort to finance his lover's sex-change operation. So began a chain of events that becam… Read more

To satisfy his curiosity, a teenaged Townes Van Zandt leaned back over a balcony, falling four floors to the ground below. This is the man who was declared a songwriting genius by the likes of Steve … Read more

Before Dawn (Balint Kenyeres, )
Before dawn, the wheat gently undulates on the hillside. Before dawn, people will rise and others will take away their hope. Bálint Kenyeres' poignant reminder of the state of the world and its bord… Read more

Behind Saraband (Torbjoern Ehrnvall, 2003)
"Four actors, 10 dialogues. It looks easy on paper but let me tell you I will be extremely rigorous." Thus begins Torbjorn Ehrnvall's window onto the back lot of Saraband, which Bergman claims will b… Read more

Behind the Scenes of Turtles Can Fly was made by a Kurdish filmmaker, Abdin Aliveisi, who stayed with the crew for six months of the gruelling shoot, with the aim of showing the conditions under whic… Read more

Being Bad (Laurence Coriat, )
A snapshot of the lives of three teenagers (encompassing past, present and future), this seductively dreamy film explores their longing for love, played out under Mediterranean skies. This poetic fil… Read more

best shorts of the fest (, )
MIFF will present a selection of the best of this year's bumper short-film crop. Following the announcement of the winners of the International Short Film Competition will be a screening of some of t… Read more

beyond our ken (Pang Ho Cheung, 2004)
Ken (Daniel Wu) has been romancing teacher Chan Wai-Ching (Gillian Chung), until he unceremoniously ditches her for karaoke waitress Shirley (Tao Hung). Chan goes knocking on Shirley's door when she … Read more

Big Day, The (Christine Olsen, )
It's been 60 years since Enid and Clarry were married and today they plan to renew their wedding vows. There's only one small hitch, they're having trouble remembering them. The Big Day is a romantic… Read more

Big Hell (Venditti+Hofman, )
Riding a crowded bus, a man spies a white box, but while opening it he dies. The woman sitting in front of him steals the cursed box, linking her fate to its contents. This frantically charged short … Read more

BIG SWINDLE, THE (Choi Dong Hun, 2004)
Choi Dong-hoon's directorial debut, The Big Swindle, proves that South Korea's golden age of filmmaking is set to continue for a while yet. Carrying on the recent tradition of films that deliver on e… Read more

Bikini (Lasse Persson, )
This unforgettable musical animation stars a young man afraid to come out... of the locker. Set on the beach in the 1960s, this is a rocking spin on an old favourite tune. --- D/P/S Lasse Persson WS … Read more

Billy, how did you do it' (Volker Schloendorff, Gisela Grishow, 2005)
A cinephile's fantasy: a rare meeting between legendary filmmaker Billy Wilder and one of his biggest fans, German director and cinephile Volker Schloendorff ([The Tin Drum], see also [The Ninth Day]… Read more

BITTER DREAM (Mohsen Amiryoussefi, 2004)
For 40 years the cantankerous Esfandiar has prepared corpses for the journey to their final resting places. He works with a dignified widow named Delbar, who washes the bodies of deceased women, and … Read more

BLACKTOWN (Kriv Stenders, )
Love can be difficult at the best of times, and the remarkable Blacktown is a disarmingly honest tale of love-against-the-odds. Office secretary Nikki (Niki Owen) is disillusioned with her fraught, '… Read more

BLOOD AND BONES (Yoichi Sai, 2004)
Blood and Bones centres on Kim Sun-pei, a Korean migrant attempting to build a fortune in Japan. Contrary to his hopes, the Japan he encounters is a brutal world of discrimination and hard labour. Re… Read more

Blooming Ink Tale (Onituka Kentaro, )
MIFF has brought together the amazing and imaginative works by Image Forum, Japan. Exclusive to MIFF, these short films are at the epicentre of experimental filmmaking in a range of styles. [The Tra… Read more

Blue Tongue (Justin Kurzel, )
David Lynch meets Jane Campion. On the fringes of a housing estate a girl seduces a boy with a secret she will only reveal in exchange for his love. When the boy fails to honor the pact, that which h… Read more

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