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Films Screened In 2008

Angels Die in the Soil (Babak Amini, )
An Iraqi-Kurdish girl faces war and redemption. Australian Premiere.---D/P/S Babak Amini TD DigiBeta/2007/30mins ... Read more

ANIMATION Program One (WITH DOGS) (, )
Running order: ... ... Snowtime (2 mins) ... The White Wolf (11 mins) ... Mutt (7 mins) ... Dog Days (16 mins) ... Chicken of God (8 mins) ... Dog with Electric Collar (4 mins) ... Shaman (11 mins) .… Read more

ANIMATION Program Two (NO DOGS) (, )
Running Order: ... ... John and Karen (3 mins) ... For the Love of God (11 mins) ... Milk Teeth (11 mins) ... And Life Went On (6 mins) ... Monsieur Cok (9 mins) ... The Sense of Space for Urban Peop… Read more

ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL (Sacha Gervasi, 2008)
This isn't Spinal Tap, this is Anvil. ... With endorsements from Lars Ulrich, Slash, and Lemmy from Motörhead, Anvil is the greatest Canadian metal band you've never heard of. School buddies Steve â… Read more

APRON STRINGS (Sima Urale, 2008)
"It's a rich and robust story, full of warmth and humour that reflects the changing face of Auckland's southern suburbs today." - producer Rachel Gardner ... The debut feature film from Sima Urale, A… Read more

ART STAR AND THE SUDANESE TWINS, THE (Pietra Brettkelly, 2008)
"If Madonna and Angelina Jolie can do it, why can't performance artist Vanessa Beecroft adopt an exotic Third World baby?" - Variety ... Vanessa Beecroft's work has always been provocative. Her nude … Read more

ASHES OF TIME REDUX (Wong Kar Wai, 2008)
"The film is Mr Wong's most abstract endeavor, a bold excursion into the realm of pure cinema." - New York Times ... In ancient China, a vagabond swordsman earns his living by hiring others as assass… Read more

ASTERIX AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES (PG) (Frederic Forestier & Thomas Langmann, 2007)
Gallic mischief-makers Asterix and Obelix once again take on the entire Roman Empire in their third live-action adventure. ... With the Olympic Games approaching, Brutus has hatched a plot to overthr… Read more

BALLAST (Lance Hammer, 2008)
"A thoroughly engrossing experience that attends to everyday life's small (and in a few cases, significant) moments." - Variety ... The lives of three African-Americans in the rural Mississippi Delta… Read more

BANK JOB, THE (Roger Donaldson, 2008)
"Chockablock with Cockney hardcases, bent coppers, kinky politicians, shadowy MI5 fixers, black radicals, a Soho sleaze merchant and a bevy of topless birds." - Eye Weekly ... Based loosely on the 19… Read more

BARRY MCKENZIE HOLDS HIS OWN (M) (Bruce Beresford, 1974)
"I hope your balls turn to bicycle wheels and backpedal up your arse!" - Barry McKenzie ... Beer guzzling and sheila chasing are the order of the day when Barry (Barry Crocker) and his aunt Edna (Bar… Read more

BASTARDY (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, 2008)
"Jack is one of the most important people in my life. He is f**king unstoppable and I love him deeply for it. This film is a gift to him." - filmmaker Amiel Courtin-Wilson ... Jack Charles is Bastard… Read more

BATTLE FOR HADITHA (Nick Broomfield, 2007)
God is on all sides, but not in Haditha. ... On 19 November 2005, US Marines retaliated to a bombing attack on one of their vehicles by massacring 24 Iraqi non-combatants - innocent men, women and ch… Read more

BE LIKE OTHERS (Tanaz Eshaghian, 2008)
"Explaining why they want to have surgery, they would say, ‘I want to live like everybody else. I want to be like others. I'm not a weirdo... I'm not a homosexual. I'm not filthy.'" - filmmaker Tan… Read more

Beirut (Michael Shamberg, 2008)
A meditation on icons - pop and otherwise - and what remains of them. A bricolage of scars, traces of repair. Iconic meditations on the other side of war.--- D Michael Shamberg P Isabelle Doyen, Ned … Read more

BEN X (M) (Nic Balthazar, 2007)
"Rarely has so much emotion and excitement been compressed into 90 minutes of screen time." - Screen International ... Ben suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a type of autism that prevents him from in… Read more

See the best short of the fest screening and awards night on Friday 8 August 9pm at the fabulous Capitol Theatre. ... A 120 minute program of the award winning shorts will be announced on the night. ... Read more

Betty Banned Sweets (Michelle Savill, 2007)
Benjamin just wants to travel, but his mother has other plans. World premiere, Accelerator 08.---D/S/P Michelle Savill TD digibeta/2008/14mins ... Read more

BIRDSONG (Albert Serra, 2008)
"Theatre of the absurd." - filmmaker Albert Serra ... With his debut feature Honor de Cavalleria (MIFF 07) - an experimental reworking of the Don Quixote story - Albert Serra proved himself a filmmak… Read more

BLIND LOVES (Juraj Lehotsky, 2008)
Filmed in the half-lit homes of its four participants, Blind Loves looks at the anxieties of falling in love when you can't see. ... Imagine being unable to clink a celebratory glass of champagne, or… Read more

"That goofy old Super Mario Bros jingle can be turned into one kick-ass techno tune in the right hands." - Cinematical ... Few people would consider an original Nintendo or Gameboy console as a music… Read more

BOB MARLEY: FREEDOM ROAD (Sonia Anderson, 2008)
"No one in rock and roll has left a musical legacy that matters more or one that matters in such fundamental ways." - Robert Palmer ... Mixing mysticism with politics in an inspired musical union, re… Read more

BOOGIE (Radu Muntean, 2008)
"Drinking, smoking and whoring ain't what they used to be." - Variety ... Happily settled with his wife Smaranda (Anamaria Marinca of 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days) and their 4-year-old son, 30-someth… Read more

BOY A (John Crowley, 2007)
"Jack learns life like a foreign language... [he] tick tocThe Gks between the boy he was and the man he is, and we wait for the hour to strike." - The Guardian ... After his released from jail into a… Read more

BRANDO (Mimi Freedman, 2007)
"I'm in the Marlon Brando business." - Marlon Brando ... This thorough retrospective proceeds chronologically through this great American performer's life - from his early obsession with his mother, … Read more

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