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Films Screened In 2008

A Triumphant Tale (11mins)Szmolinsky (5 mins)The Ladies (13 mins)Under Construction (10 mins)City of Cranes (14 mins)Cyanosis (35 mins)Dirty Pictures (14 mins)---Program Length 102 mins ... Read more

Dog Days (Geoffroy de Crécy, 2007)
A baby in an American upper-class family is accidentally exchanged with a white trash family's puppy.---D/S Geoffroy de Crécy WS Autour de Minuit TD 35mm/2008/16mins ... Read more

Dog with Electric Collar (, )
A dog...An electric collar...And plenty to bark at... --- D/P Steve Baker P Damon Escott TD 35mm/2008/4'40min WS Head Picture ... Read more

DON'T TOUCH THE AXE (Jacques Rivette, 2007)
"A masterpiece... ‘cruel ironies' doesn't even begin to describe it." - Time Out London ... The latest in Jacques Rivette's series of adaptations of Honore de Balzac's work is a dramatisation of La… Read more

DONKEY PUNCH (Olly Blackburn, 2007)
"A really excellent, intense, balls-to-the-wall thriller... In years to come [Olly] Blackburn will be mentioned in the same breath as Carpenter and Polanski. His vision is that assured." - aintitcool… Read more

DOWNLOADING NANCY (Johan Renck, 2007)
“You realise that love does not mean hurting yourself, right?” ... Powerful, emotional and overwhelming, Downloading Nancy - debut feature from music video director Johan Renck - features a stell… Read more

DRUMMER, THE (Kenneth Bi, 2007)
An original melding of spiritualism and action starring Jaycee Chan, son of martial-arts legend Jackie Chan, rounded out with spirited drumming sequences. ... When Sid (Chan), the son of a triad boss… Read more

DUST (Hartmut Bitomsky, 2007)
"Wherever we go it has beaten us; wherever we turn, it follows us. We're surrounded by it, it gets inside us, we shed it... it nestles right into the despair of its own existence" - filmmaker Hartmut… Read more

EAT, FOR THIS IS MY BODY (Michelange Quay, 2007)
“A quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history.” - VarietyThe debut feature for Haitian-born director Michelange Quay is a non-narrative visual splendour focused on the poore… Read more

EMPTIES (M) (Jan Sveråk, 2007)
“Empties is charming, funny, bittersweet, funny, romantic and ultimately, you guessed it, very funny.” - Toronto International Film Festival ... Oscar-winning filmmaker Jan Sverák (Kolya) once a… Read more

“Should render contrite all who say there is nothing left for movies to show us that we haven't seen before.” - Variety ... One thousand men and women live together in unbelievably close quarters… Read more

END OF THE RAINBOW (Robert Nugent, 2007)
Where there is gold, there will be gold- diggers… ... The transportation of an entire industrial gold mine from one side of the world to a remote area of Guinea, West Africa, is an epic logist… Read more

ENGLISH SURGEON, THE (Geoffrey Smith, 2007)
“This is one extraordinary documentary, approaching hugely emotive subject matter with nimble delicacy and, it has to be said, steely reserve.” - Time Out ... What is it like to have God-like sur… Read more

ETERNITY MAN, THE (Julien Temple, 2008)
Julian Temple (The Filth and the Fury) collaborated with composer Johnathan Mills and poet Dorothy Porter to create this operatic portrait of Sydney icon Arthur Stace, an ex-alcoholic who spent 40 ye… Read more

Etoile Violette (Axelle Ropert, 2005)
Living a peaceful life in his shop, 30-something Alexandre (Serge Bozon) spends his days working meticulously in his tailor shop and listening to his radio. With no one to talk to, he soon becomes re… Read more

EVANGELION - 1.0 YOU ARE NOT ALONE (Masayuki Kazuya Tsurumaki, 2007)
God is in his heaven, all is (Not) right with the world. ... The Angels have descended. These colossal extraterrestrial monsters besiege the fortress-city of Tokyo-3 and our last line of defence is t… Read more

EVERYTHING IS FINE (Yves Christian Fournier, 2007)
Finding his best friend's dead body was bad enough. ... Then discovering three more of his friends also killed themselves, Josh is left - as a sole survivor of a suicide pact that he wasn't let in on… Read more

EXISTENCE, THE (Marcin Koszalka, 2007)
“The slow camera work, thoughtful shots and editing, all wrapped in the empathic approach, result in an unforgettable experience.” - International Film Festival Rotterdam ... Young filmmaker Marc… Read more

Expectations (Edward Yang, 1983)
Considered to be an early study for what would become Yang's masterpiece - A Brighter Summer Day - the short film Expectations (made as part of the omnibus film In Our Time) was responsible for estab… Read more

Sacris Pulso (20 mins) La posa infinita (2 mins) Observando el cielo (17 mins) Magnetic Movie (5 mins) V1 Tourbillous (11 mins) Offshore (20 mins) Come Together (3 mins) Time Ball (4 mins) Vertigo Ru… Read more

FADOS (Carlos Saura, 2008)
Encounter the music from Portugal that is conquering the world. ... Fado, the Portugese national song of passion, sorrow and remembrance born from the slums of 19th-century Lisbon, is the subject of … Read more

Family Man (Hugh Sullivan, 2008)
Tod Tasker wakes from a drunken binge and realizes he has missed his daughter's birthday. A humorous celebration of dysfunctional parenting, and the love that it sometimes belies. World premiere. ---… Read more

FATA MORGANA (G) (Werner Herzog, 1970)
“It's the nearest thing yet to a genuine political science-fiction movie. Brilliantly original, utterly haunting.” - Time Out ... Filmmaker Werner Herzog describes Fata Morgana as “a documentar… Read more

Father (Sebastian Danta, 2008)
A boy struggles to understand his strange, silent father - an immigrant who has become an emotional refugee in his own home. Narrated by Joel Edgerton. Australian premiere ---D/S Sebastian Danta P Sa… Read more

FIGHTER (Natasha Arthy, 2007)
“Quality teen drama boasts an appealingly feisty heroine and high-energy martial arts action.” - Variety ... Aicha, the teenage daughter of conservative Turkish immigrants, lives in Copenhagen an… Read more

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