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VINCENT AND ME (Michael Rubbo, 1990)
Jo wins a scholarship to study art at a city art school, where she hopes to learn to paint like her hero, Vincent Van Gogh. One day she meets a mysterious art dealer, who buys some of her drawings. H… Read more

WAITING (Jackie McKimmie, 1990)
Jackie McKimmie's new film Waiting has the clever thumb-nail portraits of Australian types that we saw in her film Australian Dream minus the desperate nervous energy. Waiting has a peaceful heart an… Read more

Waiting (Paul Harather, 1990)
Everybody is always waiting for something or other. Everywhere people are waiting. Everything involves waiting. But did you ever think it would be so amusing? ... Read more

WALDO SALT: A SCREENWRITERS JOURNEY (Robert Hillmann, Eugene Corr, 1990)
The film follows the circuitous and tumultuous career of Waldo Salt, one of America's finest screenwriters - from glib, talented 23 year old writer of The Shopworn Angel to the washed up, unemployed … Read more

Wanted (Barbara Poznanski, 1990)
Jozef Klyk is obsessed with the American West; so much so that he directs, writes, shoots and stars in films, which he shoots with his hand-cranked camera. Jozef Klyk lives in a small village in the … Read more

Wedding Guests (Niko Brucher, 1990)
A photographer catches a glimpse of a wedding party arriving - through her eyes we follow this group, as several stories spin off in the course of the wedding. ... Niko Bmcher's gracious, speechless … Read more

Week-end (Stephan Carpiaux, 1990)
A man comes to pick up his daughter from school. Nothing unusual apart from the way people are looking at him. He is divorced and takes the little girl to the seaside. On the way to the coast, a poli… Read more

WHITE HUNTER, BLACK HEART (Clint Eastwood, 1990)
Clint Eastwood's newest film, which he directs, produces, and stars in, is a compelling, unusual movie. It's not an African adventure epic, nor strictly a movie about the film classic, The African Qu… Read more

WHITE ROOM (Patricia Rozema, 1990)
From the director of the award wining I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, this visually rich second feature is a harrowing urban fairy tale about the destructive effects of media attention on private li… Read more

WHORE (Ken Russell, 1990)
Meryl Streep recently said that if a Martian were to visit Earth and were only to view recent Hollywood movies, it would assume the primary profession of women is prostitution. And given the glamouri… Read more

Wild Things (Peter Lane, 1990)
The suburb of St Kilda, in Melbourne, has bean described by Paul Taylor, Australian expat editor of Art and Text magazine, as the "cultural centre of Australia". ... Director's Note: "Wild Things is … Read more

WITHOUT YOU I'M NOTHING (John Boskovich, 1990)
Synopsis not available Read more

Work In Progress (Luis Valdovino, 1990)
Experimental essay film exploring the notion of the "alien" in relation to U.S. immigration policies toward Mexican and Hispanic peoples. Archival footage, computer generated effects, animation, coll… Read more

Yum, Yum, Yum!: A Taste of Cajun & Creole Cooking of Louisiana (Les Blank, 1990)
Les Blank marries his obsession with spicy, down home food and his fascination for the Cajuns and Creoles of Southern Louisiana, to create this mouth watering exploration into the cooking and culture… Read more

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