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Myths and Legends (Dana Rayson, 1990)
When the magical world of two young boys and the junkyard where they share games and stories and hunt for lost treasure is disrupted by a gang of bullies, the boys call on a mythical creature, the Gu… Read more

Newbury (Mark Freeman, 1990)
A quiet look at colour. ... Read more

Nice Girls Don't Do It (Kathy Daymond, 1990)
Art advocacy film about female ejaculation. Black and white to distinguish itself from pornography, multi-layered sound to distinguish itself from the patriarchal narrative, explicit and confronting,… Read more

NIRVANA STREET MURDER (Aleksi Vellis, 1990)
I SWEAR THERE WERE MOMENTS in Aleksi Vellis' deliriously out of control Nirvana Street Murder when I fully expected Alwyn Kurts or Leonard Teale to appear around the next grimy Fitzroy backstreet in … Read more

NO FEAR, NO DIE (Claire Denis, 1990)
One of Denis' most controversial films, this study of Parisian cock-fight handlers alienated some viewers with its unflinching (and clearly well-researched) depiction of a vicious sport; nevertheless… Read more

Melbourne filmmaker Brian McKenzie spent 5 years working on this engrossing study of a not-so-typical Brunswick household. It's a laconic, observational documentary similar to the director's I'll Be … Read more

ON THE WIRE (Elaine Proctor, 1990)
This impressive first feature by South African-horn Elaine Proctor is one of the most effective and intelligent films yet to deal with racism in South Africa. Its determination to explore the root ca… Read more

One Day (Andrew Corby, 1990)
A telephone call from mum. A girl, an apple and a worm doing its thing. ... Read more

Only Stock Options Are Going Up These Days (Jean Paul Lilienfeld, 1990)
Directors Note: "A man and a woman try to make love inspired by a French condom. An old man tries to make a "carts castle: inspite of universal gravitation. Nobody succeeds in doing it. In fact, only… Read more

OPEN DOORS (Gianni Amelio, 1990)
At the start of the somberly handsome Italian thriller Open Doors, a calm, neatly dressed man returns to the office from which he has recently been dismissed. He is armed with a long sharp knife. Wit… Read more

Oreos With Attitude (Larry Carty, 1990)
A wicked tongue-in-cheek satire that turns racial stereotyping inside out. Janet and Richard are a black "buppie" couple living in New York City. After calculating that the risk of producing a dark s… Read more

PARIS IS BURNING (Jennie Livingston, 1990)
They call themselves The Children. They are messengers, welfare recipients, salespeople and prostitutes. The Children live in two worlds, the world of poor Blacks and Latinos in New York City, and th… Read more

Patterns (Nick Ostrovskis, 1990)
Crosses, horizontal lines and a focus test pattern are rapidly animated. Many shapes/textures are generated. Then flowers. An orange flower seems to sprout out from itself. Other images include shots… Read more

Pause (Raffi Ghazarian, 1990)
A film born out of alienation. It is an attempt at valuing the moments when action ceases and reflection begins. It is not a pessimistic film. ... Read more

Pencil Dance (Chris Casady, 1990)
Abstract pencil animation to a funky rhythmic beat. ... Read more

This film uses archival footage and interspersed interviews to look at the dairy industry and its products, but only as a backdrop, as a social indicator in a society thirsty for modernity, unquestio… Read more

Personal City (Keita Kurosaka, 1990)
Singularly weird depiction of an urban nightmare initiated from a corporate toilet cubicle. A slick production that incorporates sophisticated film techniques with elements of performance art. (S.C.) ... Read more

Piece Touchee (Martin Arnold, 1990)
Through repetition and reversal, a short sequence featuring two people in a domestic setting is continually deconstructed and reinvented. The result is a curious system of spatial dynamics where the … Read more

Plead Guilty, Get A Bond (Peter Maguire, 1990)
A story of legal folly and misguided white paternalism as it affects Amy, a young Aboriginal woman from a mission in central Queensland who appears on a minor charge at a remote bush court. ... The d… Read more

POISON (Todd Haynes, 1990)
Todd Haynes' first Film since Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story can hardly fail to set audiences ablaze. Poison is a movie without any obvious precedents, an amyl-charged ride through images of de… Read more

Post No Bills (Clay Walker, 1990)
Robbie Conal is an artist who sneaks about at night with a broom and a bucket of glue. He has a healthy disrespect for most politicians and celebrities, and is keen to show his art outside galleries,… Read more

Precious (Bill Mousoulis, 1990)
A filmmaker struggles to live. She makes films. She makes love. Co-written and acted by Anna Kotanidis. ... Read more

Presence of Absence (Shane Carn, 1990)
Subdued tones, cold textures and slow, gliding movement combine to produce an uneasy ambience in a disused institution. The presence of people is replaced by the sparse clarity of empty rooms, tiled … Read more

To many film lovers, it is both a source of mystery and disgust that Preston Sturges is not currently recognised by the general public as 'the' great Hollywood comedy director. ... During a four-year… Read more

Puppenhead (David Cox, 1990)
A Berlin puppet maker. Goethe, takes his clockwork puppet knife throwing act to New York. It is 1934 and a Nazi spy is watching him. ... Read more

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