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Ae Fond Kiss UK/Spain/Germany/Italy

Master of contemporary social-realism cinema Ken Loach makes a return to MIFF with the final film in his acclaimed Glasgow trilogy, which includes My Name is Joe (MIFF 1999) and Sweet Sixteen. Peering into the world of interracial romance and ethnic intolerance with his finely tuned, perceptive eye, Loach has fashioned a smart and surprisingly sexy film, which walked away with two prizes at this year's Berlin Film Festival.

Casim is a successful DJ in Glasgow who dreams of buying his own club. A second-generation Pakistani, Casim is at odds with his parents' strict Muslim laws and values; he is especially reluctant to proceed with an arranged marriage to his cousin. When he meets Roisin, an Irish teacher at his sister's school, Casim doesn't dare tell his parents for fear of their wrath. As the date for the arranged marriage creeps ever closer, and the plans for his club start coming together, Casim realises he must make a heartbreaking decision.

'Ken Loach gets subtle, honest performances from his cast' Atta Yaqub (playing Casim) commands the screen with startling ease and has a sexy presence. 'The Hollywood Reporter

D Ken Loach P Rebecca O'Brien S Paul Laverty WS The Works L English, Punjabi w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/104mins

Ken Loach was born in Nuneaton, UK in 1936. Films include: Kes (1969), Raining Stones (1993), Bread and Roses (MIFF 2000), The Navigators (MIFF 2002).With support from the British Council Australia