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A multiple prizewinner at San Sebastian, [Little Sky] is a shining example of the sensitivity and power of the new Argentinean cinema. Felix (Leonardo Ramirez) is a drifter looking for work. Roberto (Dario Levy) takes him in to help around his home, where he lives with his wife, Mercedes (Monica Lairana), and their eight-month-old baby boy, Chango (Rodrigo Silva). When it becomes evident that his host family is breaking apart, Felix must decide whether to stick to his promise to look after young Chango. [Little Sky] is a delicate but deeply affecting drama about the unexpected bond that develops between Felix and the baby that's not his own.
"Its overwhelming strength lies in its psychological acuity and ace performances. But the main attraction is the chemistry between Ramirez, who superbly delineates an unsophisticated yet poetically sympathetic character, and Rodrigo Silva. Indeed, [Little Sky] offers one of the most persuasively fond adult-infant relationships ever shot, let alone at such affecting length and central focus." - Variety --- D/S Maria Victoria Menis P Hector Menis, Sopie Dulac, Michel Zana WS Scalpel L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/col/2004/98mins
Maria Victoria Menis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her films include [Vecinas] (1984, short), ['a que hora'] (1985, short), [The Patriotic Spirits] (1989), [The News of the Day] (2001).