Director Pedro Costa / / France/Portugal

<p>“It's no exaggeration to say that <em><strong>Colossal Youth</strong></em> was the single most divisive film at Cannes in 2006.” - LA Weekly<br /></p><p> Mining material from his films Bones and In Vanda's Room, filmmaker Pedro Costa revisits the Cape Verdean slums of Lisbon to create this cascading semi-documentary whittled down from 320 hours of footage to two and a half. He follows Ventura, one of the last to be moved from the slums to a clinical apartment block. Ventura's story is also that of those around him, various men and women (possibly even his children) who have burdens to verbally unload on him.</p><p>The LA Weekly describes Costa's work as “a harsh, nightmarish and often terribly beautiful film set against a world of peeling paint and crudely nailed planks, through which moves this solitary man grasping at the flickering embers of some real or imagined past&hellip; It is quite unlike anything that you or I have ever seen before.”</p><p>

</p> <p>D/S Pedro Costa P Francisco Villa-Lobos WS Memento Films International L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2005/155mins</p> <p>Pedro Costa was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1959. His films include The Blood (1989), Bones (1997) and In Vanda's Room (2000, doco). </p>

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