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Named by FIPRESCI as their Revelation of the Year. In a small village on Majorca, Hans, a German odd-jobs man, reports for work for an affluent fellow countryman. He learns that his predecessor's name was also Hans but the locals are unwilling to say what happened to him. Certainly, he was on the run and there is an intangible, ominous atmosphere that seems to cling to his memory. Soon after the new Hans' arrival, his realities start shifting as his personality is subsumed into the memory of the other Hans. He sets out to prove an innocence nobody questions but every attempt to exonerate himself leads him closer and closer to the real problem - himself. Meticulously crafted, Yo is a disquieting, suspenseful deliberation on identity formation and the unstable nature of self-perception and consciousness.

D Rafa Cortés P Ramón Vidal Bargues S Alex Brendemühl, Rafa Cortés WS Rezo Films International L Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/100mins