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“Blessed with an intense sympathy for his vulnerable characters, Lee [Kang-sheng] confidently combines social themes of poignant authenticity with striking visual elements.” - Toronto International Film Festival

Lee Kang-sheng (The Missing, MIFF 2004), steps in front of and behind the camera for Help Me Eros, his second feature as an actor-writer-director.

After losing his lot on the market a stock investor decides to spend his days growing marijuana and contemplating his navel. He fantasises about suicide, and about the local women who slide down stripper poles and perform kinky sexual acrobatics to sell betel nuts to drive-by customers in the city centre.

A social commentary on Taiwan, a portrait of loneliness, an advertisement for marijuana, a minimalist interpretation of contemporary alienation in modern day Asia - this is the landscape of Help Me Eros.
D/S Lee Kang-sheng P Vincent Wang WS Fortissimo Films L Mandarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/104mins