Director Jon Knautz / 2007 / Canada

<p><strong>“If Jack Brooks was made in the ‘80s, it would be a cult classic by now.” - <em>Rue Morgue Magazine</em></strong></p>

<p>Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is what happens when three debut feature filmmakers just want to have fun. It's a monster movie that draws on the thrill legacy of <em>A Nightmare on Elm Street</em> - even featuring horror legend Robert ‘Freddy Krueger' Englund. After witnessing his parents' murder, Jack Brooks lives a humbling existence as a plumber. One night, he attends a plumbing emergency at a professor's house and accidentally disturbs an ancient evil. Lured by this dark power, the professor (Englund) undergoes a gruesome transformation, one that forces Jack to face the true purpose of his own innate rage.

D Jon Knautz P Patrick White, Trevor Matthews, Neil Bregman S Jon Knautz, John Ainslie WS Epic Pictures Group TD 35mm/2007/90mins</p>

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