Director Bruce LaBruce / 2008 / Germany, Canada

<p><strong>“Eroto-horror-satire mixes movie-within-a-movie machinations with graphic sex scenes that will titillate anyone who's ever wanted to see someone shagging an open wound.” - Variety</strong><br /><br />Filmmaking provocateur Bruce LaBruce's (<em>The Raspberry Reich</em>) latest film features a hoodie-wearing zombie, Otto, who reticently rises from the grave and wanders the gay clubs of Berlin. In his journey of self-discovery he stumbles across an underground filmmaker, participates in a documentary about himself and attempts to reconnect with a former boyfriend, with disastrous results. Moral boundaries and acceptable levels of ‘decency' are challenged, as is the modus operandi of writer, filmmaker, actor, photographer and pornographer LaBruce. <br /><br />“A clever modern fable about alienation and the problems created by a mass-produced society.” - Sundance Film Festival <br />

<br />D/S Bruce La Bruce P Jurgen Brüning, Jennifer Jones Dist Kojo Pictures L English TD digibeta/2008/94mins</p>

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