Director Roger Donaldson / 2008 / UK

<p><strong>"Chockablock with Cockney hardcases, bent coppers, kinky politicians, shadowy MI5 fixers, black radicals, a Soho sleaze merchant and a bevy of topless birds." - <em>Eye Weekly</em></strong></p>

<p>Based loosely on the 1971 ‘walkie-talkie robbery' at London's Lloyd Bank, <em>The Bank Job</em> is a bank-heist caper of twists and turns with a decidedly 70s flavour. Veteran crime actor Jason Statham (<em>Snatch</em>) leads a gang of charming lowlifes and thieves as they're employed to pull off a robbery by digging their way into a bank-vault filled with untold riches.<br /><br />The straight-up heist gets a little thorny when it becomes apparent that the real loot is a pile of photos that could bring down the royal family in a seamy sex scandal.<br /><br />Multi-layered, manic and mischievous, <em>The Bank Job</em> is the quintessential Brit heist flick.<br />

<br />D Roger Donaldson P Charles Roven, Steven Chasman S Dick Clement, Ian La Frenais Dist Paramount Vantage TD 35mm/2008/111mins</p>

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