Yi Yi

Director Edward Yang / 2000 / Taiwan, Japan

"As I watched... Yi Yi A One and A Two through bleary eyes, I struggled to identify the overpowering feeling that was making me tear up. Was it grief? Joy? Mirth? Yes, I decided, it was all of these. But mostly, it was gratitude." - New York Times

The first Taiwanese film to win the Grand Prix at Cannes, A One and A Two is widely regarded as Yang's magnum opus; an unparalleled journey through the ebbs and flows of everyday interactions, beginning with a wedding and ending with a funeral. A triumph of delicacy that delivers the most powerful of emotional punches.

"Open the dictionary and the first character is ‘one'. I want to make something simple. A little more, and a little more complex, and that's ‘a one and a two'." - Edward Yang

D/S Edward Yang P Shinya Kawai, Osamu Kunota Dist Rialto L Taiwanese, Hokkien, English, Japanese w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2000/173mins

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