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“The subtlety of Yang and [actress Sylvia] Chang merge together to form an irresistible emotional force.” - Toronto International Film Festival

The award-winning debut feature of Australian cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Invisible Waves, MIFF 06), That Day, On the Beach is a potent comment on the position of women in contemporary Taiwanese society, and is considered instrumental in charting a new course for Taiwanese cinema. In this modernist story of flashbacks and flashforwards, he reunites two female friends after 13 years - one who yielded to parental pressure to break up her engagement, the other who chose to defy her family and wed for love.

“Conceptually, That Day, On the Beach is a social story rather than a love story, in which I hoped to cover not only what happens to a married couple.” - Edward Yang
D Edward Yang S Wu Nien-jen, Edward Yang WS Central Motion Picture Corporation L Mandarin, Taiwanese, German w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1983/167mins

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office


Guangyinde gushi
Director Edward Yang
MIFF 2008