Director Goran Rusinovic / 2008 / Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, USA

<p><strong>Simmering enmities spark a fierce battle of wills in a wintry wasteland.</strong></p>

<p>Hasan is a Muslim who left Bosnia before the war. He now lives a life of ennui and private anxiety in bitterly cold North Dakota. His 1963 Buick Riviera is not the symbol of his new life, but his refuge from it.</p>

<p>When it breaks down and he's rescued by a Bosnian Serb, the encounter with a fellow exile restores all the animosities they are both trying to escape. Their meeting quickly escalates into a tense contest of émigré wills. <em></em></p>

<p><em>Buick Riviera</em> shimmers with performances from two award-winning actors: Slavko Stimac (<em>Life is a Miracle</em>, MIFF 04) as a man assailed by secret grief, and his tormentor, the wolfish Leon Lucev, who artfully exudes arrogance and false bonhomie.</p>


D Goran Rusinovic P Boris T. Matic, Kate Bary S Goran Rusinovic, Miljenko Jergovic WS Bavaria Films L English, Bosnian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008</p>

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