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“Influenced by the films of Mizoguchi, Bresson, Preminger and Cocteau, The Nun qualifies as cinematic manna.” - Cinémathèque Ontario

Jacques Rivette's magnum opus was initially banned within France due to its questioning of religious morality. Based on the 18th-century novel by Denis Diderot, it tracks the trials of Suzanne (Karina) a young woman who, robbed of her dowry, is forced to take the vows of a nun.

Within the cloister walls Suzanne does her best to hold her own, as she finds herself subjected to the petty rivalries and sadistic games of the nuns, and the sexual advances of the Mother Superior.

As the fulcrum of Jacques Rivette's second film, Karina shines - the understated simplicity of her performance belying its sophistication.

“Beautiful and mesmerizing.” - Newsweek

--- D Jacques Rivette P Georges de Beauregard, Roger Ferret S Jacques Rivette, Denis Diderot, Jean Gruault WS Tamasa L French w/English subtitles TD 35mm/1966