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A post-modern faux-thriller about obsession, guilt and wanting to ‘off' your dad.

Irascible and lazy, Rupert ‘Ratz' Kramer is a 35-year-old slacker who plays out his patricidal fantasies through the development of a violent computer game. A chance call from an old flame sends him to New York, where he hopes to sell his creation to a games company, but instead becomes embroiled in events that begin to pose increasingly uncomfortable moral questions.

Part thriller, part psychological family drama, part exploration of German-Austrian war guilt, this film from Michael Glawogger (Slumming and Workingman's Death, MIFF 06) defies categorisation.

Adapted from the novel Das Vaterspiel by Josef Haslinger.

--- D/S Michael Glawogger P Christine Ruppert WS Celluloid Dreams L German w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008