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Macurio is an allegorical fantasy about an im­poverished Mexican woodcutter; having performed an act of great unselfishness, he is given power io heal the sick. With his power he achieves fame and riches but is accused, by the Inquisition of wizardry, and finds himself ultimately at the mercy of ihe Figure of Death, whose power over life he has shared.

Directed by Roberto Galvadon, the film is based on a story by Bruno Traven, the mysterious literary figure who was the author of another line film, Tbe Treasure of Sierra Madre. In the present film we find in a more overtly mystical mood, using the character of Macario as an incarnation of human dignity in adversity, and of self-destructive pride and treed, Macario imagines he is capable of arguing with ded and bargaining with Death. It is this struggle of a proud man with the implacable forces of destiny which gives the film its power and beauty. In addition to Tarso's exceptional portrayal, the film benefits from the adept photography of Gabriel Figucroa.

Special Award, Cannes Festival.