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People, it is said, get the press they deserve. This production deals with the question of sensationalism in the press ... what is. and what should be allowed?'

Young Nobi Namekawa arrives in Tokyo to start a photography job, only to find that the magazine she works for is interested solely in sensation and scandal. All the conventions of politeness and privacy are ignored and Nobi is sent off into some very unsavory situations: a politician's love affairs, the trial of a former prime minister, and eventually even murder.
This drama explores several levels of the present day Japanese society and attempts to highlight the problems that exist. The discerning viewer may recognise certain aspects of Japan today.

Director Masato Harada began his career as a critic. working in London and Los Angeles. He has made three films since 1979. He has worked in advertising and made a PR film in Los Angeles, music videos with leading Japanese rock stars and a documentary on the Paris-Dakar Rally.