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Melody in Grey is set in 1918. Orin, a blind singer, belongs to a group of wandering singers known as the goze.

When Orin breaks the group's rule of chastity, at the age of 21, she is thrown out and has to fend for herself. She works alone in homes and inns, peddled around by men who exploit her. Her only fleeting moments of comfort are found in the sexual encounters that her previous companions and society regard as immoral.

She meets a young man, Heitaro, who does not want to use her in the same way. Posing as brother and sister, they set out to work together in the inns. Heitaro collects money and protects her. Despite his strong feelings for her. he follows a strict religious code that forbids any sexual contact between them.

While selling clogs at a festival, Heitaro is taken away for questioning, and during his absence, Orin is raped. When Heitaro returns, he pursues and kills the man who has violated her.

As the police search for Heitaro, they discover that he is also wanted for deserting the army. He is caught, but when he pleads to see Orin just once more, the police take pity on him and release him for one night. . .

Prize for Direction, Asian Film Festival.