Just Hold Still

Director Jem Cohen / 1989 / USA

Essentially a compilation work made up of numerous short pieces, described by Cohen as: Where Documentary Collides. Music Video As Independent Film. Birds As Punctuation

The project compiles short works and collaborations into a reflection on the grey areas between documentary, narrative and experimental genres. Just Hold Still is made up of the following:

Part 1. . . the heart is attached
4:44 (From Her House Home)
With Gabriel Cohen
A certain kind of night collected: Trees, houses, footsteps and narrative skimmed. In support of unsolved mysteries.

Never Change With Blake Nelson
Coming down one California mountain in a quiet storm of film grain and mist.

Love Teller With Ben Hatchor
A surviving arcade machine and the science of the heart.

Light Year
"I'll be your mirror." - Lou Reed, Velvet Underground

Part 2. . . city song
Selected City Films
Brief photoplays from unrehearsed New York, including rare documentation of the Motorcycle Christ.

Glueman With Fugazi
A 'music video' with and without a song. A music video with nothing to sell.

Talk About The Passion with R.E.M.
Created as a music video for the popular American band R.E.M. "Some have seen this as being about the homeless. It is also simply about hidden costs and the human limits of numbering. Buildings, bones, weapon systems. Counting and accountability."

My own informal public service announcement.
- Jem Cohen

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