Director Jennifer Alleyn, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire, Arto Paragamian, André Turpin, Denis Villeneuve / 1997 / Canada

A modern mosaic from the urban jungle, this is an omnibus film, six stories linked by the central character of Greek philosopher/taxi driver, Cosmos. Nightmares traumatise Morille, a young filmmaker on a caffeine high who is interviewed on the hi-tech TV show from Hell (Le Technetium)!. Yannie is trying to console her friend Joel, who is about to take an AIDS test, by treating him to a cruise in a vintage convertible (Boost) while age and beauty waltz together when two romantics cross paths (Aurora and Crepuscule). Fanny and Jules, former lovers, are thrown together in a comic situation with Fanny's new breast implants as the centrepiece (Jules and Fanny). Darkness intervenes in the collection of yarns with the appearance of a mysterious stranger who spreads fear through silence and secrecy (The Individual). Cosmos cannot remain above the action and he too is drawn into the fray when his cab is stolen by a pair of hoods, used in a bank robbery and then tailed by Cosmos and his friend Javier, a bad driver and, with his tedious theories on agriculture, even worse company (Cosmos and Agriculture).

"This film arose from a powerful urge for spontaneity and freedom. Our playful aim was to take a taxi without giving a final destination. The scripts were prepared like a suitcase of essential gear and a taste for adventure served as fuel. The result: six voices, 12 characters, and, strangely enough, a single universe.'' - The Directors

Jennifer Alleyn has worked as a freelance journalist for Le Devoir, her films include Les Enfants de Schefferville (1995) and Petite conte Modern sur L'amour Antique (1993). Manon Briand was awareded at the Toronto Film Festival for her short film Les Sauf Conduits (1991). Marie-Julie Dallaire is currently working on her first feature, previous shorts include Jaune d'œuf (1993). Arto Paragamian collected numerous awards for his debut feature Because Why (1994). André Turpin has worked as a cinematographer on numerous feature films, his first film as a director was Zigrail (1995). Denis Villeneuve won the Jury Prize at the Locarno Film Festival for his first film REW FFWD (1994).

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