With All This Who Could Go Home

Director Cary Peppermint / 1996 / U.S.A

Cary Peppermint is a multi media per­formance artist who has received much international acclaim. He is a man possessed by the many worlds of which he speaks, all varied incarnations of existence and all with cohesive themes of redemption "The two most pre­dominate worlds are the one in which the arm of your porcelain figurine breaks off and from their perpetually seeks to reclaim the estranged other arm.... I enioy vacations with madness and all the fine facilities found there.." He is the co-founder of the Athens, Georgia performance ensemble The Daddy Upright with which he was vocalist and guitarist.

In With All This Who Could Go Home Cary Peppermint proclaims. "l think I need a fashion therapist " Participants relate to the varied media environment of the CD-ROM through their manipulation of Peppermint's personality, body, location and musical scores. Clothes are changed with fervour, emphatic signs align performer and participant, the body is transfigured to the dictates of fashionurgent attempts to secure identity. Peppermint explores the late twentieth century acquisition of self as a personal history is revealed. The CD-ROM follows Peppermints preferred strategy of a style of self contained media blitz complete with apocalyptic tirades and quietly unsettling musical compositions Cary Peppermint insists " I have so many other people to be. With All This Who Could Go Home echoes this sentiment and provokes consideration into origin, trans­cendence and return". (SB)

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