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“An elegantly assembled and deeply moving remembrance of Cambodian cinema... pure poetry.” - Variety

Between 1960 and 1975, Cambodia produced over 400 films, making it one of the most vibrant cinematic cultures in South-East Asia. But when the Khmer Rouge tore the country apart, they destroyed every film they could find and executed those who made them. Today only 30 still exist, most of them badly damaged, and the few actors and filmmakers who remain live with the scars of survival.

Golden Slumbers, documentarian Davy Chou's feature-length debut, tells the story of a creative Golden Age whose very fabric was quite literally destroyed. Rather than rely upon the films themselves, Chou tracks the people and personalities who made them, drawing out of these ageing stars a beautiful, tragic remembering of fantastical images and a culture irredeemably lost.

D Davy Chou P/S Jacky Goldberg WS Doc & Film L Khmer, French w/English subtitles TD HD Cam/2011