Los Salvajes

Director Alejandro Fadel / 2012 / Argentina

Escape is not always the easiest option.

Screenwriter Alejandro Fadel, best known for thrillers Lion's Den (MIFF 2008) and Carancho, makes his directorial debut in this striking saga of juvenile delinquency. Offering a rhythmic contrast of scenic landscapes and shadowy violence, this stark effort ponders the plight of reform school escapees - accustomed to drug-taking and street violence - thrust into the harsh Argentinian wilderness.

With non-professional actors in the leading roles, each plucked from similar backgrounds to the confronting circumstances depicted, The Wild Ones employs striking aesthetics to capture the youths' cross-country ordeal through an oppressive yet lyrical landscape. The visual poetry that charts their desperate struggle to survive exposes their physical courage and emotional corruption, relating a universal, illusory tale of tragedy and adversity.

“(A) harshly beautiful Argentinian drama about young delinquents adrift in the wilderness… a haunting and engrossing debut.” - Hollywood Reporter

D/S Alejandro Fadel P La Uniòn de los rios WS Memento Films L Spanish w/English subtitles TD DCP/2012

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